Jasmine and Pao’s Baby Shower for Amelia Roux

1 jasmine's baby shower-7146 2 jasmine's baby shower-6972 3 jasmine's baby shower-6932 4 jasmine's baby shower-7014 5 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-7057 6 jasmine's baby shower-7373 7a jasmine's baby shower-7037 7b jasmine's baby shower-7082 10 jasmine baby shower 9 11 jasmine's baby shower-7099 11b jasmine's outdoor baby shower-7382 12 jasmine's baby shower-7133 13 jasmine baby shower 10 14 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-70871 jasmine baby shower 122 jasmine's baby shower-74043 jasmine baby shower 64 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-74065 jasmine baby shower 116 jasmine baby shower 1315 jasmine's baby shower-73757 jasmine's baby shower-74818 jasmine baby shower 159jasmine baby shower 1610 jasmine baby shower 1412 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-74221 jasmine baby shower 202 jasmine's baby shower-75203 jasmine's baby shower-75044 jasmine baby shower 175 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-74846 jasmine baby shower 87 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-75528 jasmine baby shower 199 jasmine's baby shower-750910 jasmine baby shower 2112 jasmine's baby shower-7545jasmine's outdoor baby shower-75571 jasmine baby shower 182 jasmine's baby shower-76023 jasmine's baby shower-76084 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-73455 jasmine's baby shower-75506 jasmine's baby shower-75767jasmine's baby shower-75928 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-74319 jasmine baby shower 2210jasmine's baby shower-757711jasmine baby shower 231 jasmine baby shower 52 jasmine's baby shower-76873 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-7579jasmine baby shower 7jasmine's baby shower-7615jasmine's baby shower-7621jasmine's baby shower-7679jasmine's outdoor baby shower-7680jasmine's baby shower cake1 jasmine's baby shower-74972 jasmine's baby shower-77633 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-7691jasmine's baby shower-77741 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-77062 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-77073 jasmine baby shower 34 jasmine's baby shower-77375jasmine's outdoor baby shower-77896 jasmine baby shower 47 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-77448 jasmine baby shower 19 jasmine's outdoor baby shower-784310 jasmine baby shower 2

Event styling: Weddings by TV / Venue: 14Four Cafe / Video corner: Sweet Earth / Lemonade stand: Pixie Potion / Dessert buffet: Kendi’s Candy Buffet / Lemon cake: The Baking Bug / Cupcakes: Cottontail Cake Studio / Citronella spray souvenirs: Indigobaby / Styling for the family’s clothes: Debra Bernales / Hairstyling for the family: Marie Tan

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